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Leenie Hobbie Herbal Educator photographed by Anne Kirk

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to do some photo work for Leenie Hobbie, WV local Herbal Educator and Nature Lover. Since we moved to West Virginia last year I have been able to attend only one of Leenie's many workshops, but it left quite an impression. For the first time herbalism seemed to be really approachable and not veiled behind the exclusivity of how to get started in the craft. Leenie was incredibly approachable, humble, and very clearly experienced and fervent about plant medicine. The room was packed for the free workshop, though it was apparent to me that most folks attending already knew Leenie and would have paid any entry fee if there were one. I was beginning to realize what a following Leenie has and how much her community depends on and trusts both her knowledge and her products. The demand for her work is every growing, and I have been able to watch her really develop her ideas this past year. It was an honor to finally be able to put some of my skills to work on her behalf.

Many of the photos taken will serve as "stock photos" to be used as graphics on Leenie's website, and other promotion flyers about classes and workshops, We mainly needed a few nice portraits of Leenie so people can "meet her" online as she builds and grows beyond her immediate community. Leenie wants her focus to be on education and I can not wait to see what unfolds, and hopefully help it along!

Leenie Hobbie Herbal Educator photographed by Anne Kirk



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