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The Wardensville Garden Market + Bakery is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit in Hardy County, West Virginia. Their mission is to create well-paying jobs and educational programming for Appalachian youth centered on sustainable farming practices and entrepreneurship. 


Recent Projects

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Pete Hobbie creates beautifully handcrafted, one of a kind treenware and music instruments in his home studio in Rio, West Virginia. His work is featured for sale in several local galleries in addition to his website.

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Leenie Hobbie is an inspiring Herbalist and Educator based in Hampshire County, West Virginia. She is a well-known and much-adored teacher of very popular courses at The River House. 

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Taryn and Kevin are two lovebirds tying the not this summer. They wanted a custom-made wedding website to suit their own style that allows them to keep in touch with their guests and offer an online RSVP option.  

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Hexenring Mushrooms is my families small mushroom farm located in Hampshire County, West Virginia. We cultivate several varieties of edible and medicinal mushrooms for local markets. 

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